Hairdressing tools on wooden table close-up

After a shower or while preparing your hair for the day, a hair dryer comes in handy for most styling and drying purposes. Hair dryers are not very expensive, but it can be very inconvenient if they break unexpectedly. The main cause of failure for a hair dryer is the heating coil burning up. Contacting the Remington company and ordering the specific part can take time and shipping the single part may cost more than a new hair dryer.

Unplug the Remington hair dryer.

Lay the Remington hair dryer on its right side. The top of the screws are on the left side.

Unscrew all the screws from the left side plastic housing frame of the Remington hair dryer. Place the small screws in a safe spot.

Unscrew the heating element directly behind the fan on the top of the Remington hair dryer. The heating element will be held down by four screws. Pull the electrical connection plug off of the back of the heating element (it is a slide clip that comes off quite easily).


  • To remove any other parts, just unscrew them from the Remington hair dryer plastic frame as you did with the heating element.