The Brazilian keratin hair treatment is a new way of straightening hair without using harsh chemical relaxers. After a treatment, hair is smoother, straighter and silkier than before, and results last for several months, depending on the texture of the hair and proper care of it. If you are seeking straighter hair without the permanency of relaxers, then a keratin hair treatment may be right for you.


The Brazilian keratin hair treatment uses actual liquid keratin. Keratin is a type of protein that is extracted from either animal or human hair. It is what makes hair tough, elastic and durable. Usually, the keratin used in a Brazilian hair treatment comes from sheep's wool, and is cleaned and disinfected prior to liquidizing it. The keratin concoction is applied to clean, dry hair and allowed to set for about 20 to 30 minutes before being washed out. Unlike chemical relaxers, the keratin hair treatment does not break down hair bonds and reform them. Keratin conditions the hair to make it soft and smooth and coats the hair shaft to make it lie flatter against the head. This reduces frizz and curl. After a few months, the hair will become curlier again as the product is gradually washed out by shampoo.

Additional Care

After receiving a Brazilian keratin hair treatment, it is very important not to wash the hair, or get it wet or sweaty for three days. You are not supposed to clip the hair up or put it in a pony tail or up-do because it may cause the hair to lose shape. Since the chemical, sodium laurel sulfate, will cause the keratin treatment to wash out faster, you should avoid washing your hair with products that contain the chemical.

Disadvantages and Side Effects

The Brazilian keratin hair treatment can be expensive per treatment, costing up to several hundred dollars.

For the first week after your keratin hair treatment, your hair will be very limp and dull, since it has so much keratin product build-up. After several shampoos, your hair should look straighter, softer and less frizzy than it did before the treatment. With each time you shampoo, the keratin will wash out of your hair until your hair is restored to its previous condition.