Can Wet Dry Straightening Irons Damage Hair?

By Lucinda Harper

Wet Dry Straightening Irons are intended to be an efficient alternative to the potentially damaging process of both blow-drying then straightening the hair. Over processing and frequent heat styling can cause damage to the hair, so a tool that provides two functions in one can ultimately save hair from being exposed to excess heat damage.


Reduced exposure

Cutting down on blow-drying time significantly reduces the amount of time the hair is subjects to unnecessary heat styling. The wet dry straightening iron both dries and straightens hair in one simple step.


According to Sephora, a retail supplier of hair styling tools, there are many benefits of the T3 Wet Dry Iron. Using the iron will smooth and close the cuticle for silky and shiny hair.

Vent system

Similar to the T3, wet dry irons are made with a vent system to quickly evaporate excess water that actually protects the hair by locking in moisture.


Steam is released immediately when the plates of the wet dry iron hit the section of hair to be straightened. Do not be alarmed by the sound or look of the steam as it is expected from this product or any other environment when heat is combined with water.

Far infrared heat

Tourmaline ions and far infrared heat in the wet dry irons results in sleeker and healthier hair. Far infrared technology produces negative ions to neutralize positively charged damaged hair.