Duct tape might seem like a quick fix for a variety of uses around the house, but it doesn't need to substitute for your favorite bra. Keep the duct tape in the garage, and opt for specially designed bra tape for your breasts to create some enviable cleavage.

Duct tape is known for its strength, but that doesn't mean it's equipped to amplify your curves. This tape might even be a little too strong, which will result in some seriously painful removal when it's time to unwrap that faux bra. Plus, duct tape can be hot against your skin, resulting in excess sweat when you're wearing it. Fortunately, duct tape isn't your only option when you want to show off a hint of cleavage.

Give your breasts some extra support with tape designed especially for this purpose. Choose a cloth breast tape, which is less likely to lead to sweating. Many of these tapes use medical-grade adhesive, which means it's safe on your delicate skin.

Some outfits simply don't work with your classic underwire bra. Rather than having your bra straps or band interfere with your sexy look, opt for breast tape to provide necessary yet invisible support. Tops or dresses with deep V-necks, as well as backless and halter styles, need more than a standard bra for support.