Blond Hairstyles for Women Over 50

By Megan Kelly

Although much attention is given to younger women's hairstyles in the media, mature women over 50 years of age can achieve the same effects as the younger women in the spotlight. Styling your blond hair at 50 gives you several options that work with most shades of blond and hair lengths.

Women over 50 can achieve the same effects with their hair as younger women.


You can get your hair cut to a short or medium-length bob, a versatile and flattering haircut for mature women with blond hair. You can achieve the bob look with or without bangs, parting on the side or down the middle, and several different angles. Leaving longer hair in the front achieves a more dramatic look. Once your hair is cut into a bob, you can flat-iron it, curl it at the ends or let it dry naturally.


Layered hairstyles offer a chance for a woman over 50 to accentuate the different hues of blond in her hair while adding thickness and body. Layering involves cutting the hair into several different layers, with the shortest layers on top of the head and the longest layers on the bottom beneath the other layers. You can wear the layered look with or without bangs, parted on either side or down the middle, curled or straight. This hairstyle gives lightness and movement to your hair while keeping the hairdo from looking too heavy. For greater volume and depth, get professional lowlights and highlights in your hair to bring out the layers.


If you prefer not to cut your hair, you can style your blond hair from home with a curling iron or blow dryer. After showering, blow dry your hair with a circular brush into curls, or dry normally and curl your hair with a curling iron. This style can be used with medium to long hair and creates an elegant look for any mature woman.