Beau Monde Substitutes

By Timothea Xi

Beau Monde is a proprietary spice blend made by the Spice Islands Company that combines salt, onion and celery seed along with dextrose and silicon dioxide to prevent clumping. While often imitated, Beau Monde is not easy to find in grocery stores. Therefore, it may be necessary to substitute other ingredients if it is not on hand. Use Beau Monde or similar blends in dips, salad dressings, beef, fish and egg dishes, and vegetables.

Beau Monde: if it's not on your shelf, check out these substitutes.

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Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit is a spice blend produced by McCormick which has similar ingredients to those of Beau Monde. Bon Appetit contains salt, monosodium glutamate, celery seed and onion. For a creamy dill dip, use one cup each of sour cream and mayonnaise, as well as one tablespoon each of Bon Appetit, dillweed and dried minced onion. Chill for an hour and serve with vegetables, crackers, chips or in a hollowed pumpernickel bowl.

Onion Powder and Celery Salt

Combining equal parts of onion and celery salt will capture the essential flavors of Beau Monde if you need a quick substitute. Another variation is to make a mix of 2/3 celery salt, 1/3 onion powder and a pinch of sugar or Splenda.

Celery Salt

Alternately, if you have no Beau Monde or similar ingredients on hand, but you do have celery salt, this can replace Beau Monde in dip or other recipes. You may wish to round out the flavor with onion.

Onion Salt

Onion salt on its own can substitute for Beau Monde. Remember that this does contain salt in addition to onion flavor so use it sparingly. Also, it will not contain the celery component that is so distinctive of Beau Monde.

English Prime Rib Rub

The Penzey's Spice company creates an English Prime Rib Rub spice blend that is comparable in taste to Beau Monde and can be used in a variety of meat dishes. Composed of salt, ground celery, sugar, Tellicherry black pepper, onion, garlic and arrowroot, this blend can be rubbed on all cuts of beef in the proportion of one teaspoon per pound. English Prime Rib Rub can also season hamburger and enhance strong-flavored vegetables. Use 1/4 teaspoon per cup to flavor Bloody Marys.