By Marissa Meyer

Salt is a versatile way to add extra flavoring to almost any food, drink or recipe. Celery salt is made by combining three parts plain salt with two parts celery seed. The cool, grassy flavor of celery seed enhances the salt and gives it a more distinct taste. Celery salt can be used as a table seasoning or in cooking to complement vegetables, creams, meats and starches.

Purchase celery salt or make your own by combining salt and celery seed.

Extra Flavor

Celery salt can replace table salt and pepper in adding flavor to meals.

Celery salt adds a hint of fresh flavor to anything you would typically sprinkle with plain salt. Try it on popcorn, potatoes, rice, cooked vegetables or soups. The combination of salt and celery seed enhances bland foods in need of not only salt, but subtle, tangy flavor. The Hot Dog Chicago Style website regards celery salt as the "defining ingredient" in an ideal Chicago-style dog. Many hot dog connoisseurs recommend a sprinkling of celery salt be used consistently as a finishing touch.

Salads and Dressings

Celery salt is a refreshing addition to almost any creamy salad.

The leafy taste of celery salt makes it a flavorful ingredient in creamy, cold salads. Most recipes for coleslaw, potato salad, pasta salad and egg salad call for celery salt. It can also serve as a substitute for dill in some recipes. A sprinkling of celery salt spices up bland salads. Creamy salad dressings are frequently made with celery salt. The celery seed flavor is a refreshing complement to crisp vegetables, and the salt makes the whole salad taste a bit more savory.

Meat, Poultry and Seafood Seasoning

Use celery salt to add flavor to almost any type of meat.

Celery salt can be rubbed on meats alone, or in combination with other herbs and spices. It pairs well with dry mustard, paprika, garlic powder, parsley, black pepper and ginger. It is frequently combined with any of these spices and added to marinades with bases of lemon juice, soy sauce or white vinegars. Celery salt perks up the flavor of fish when combined with melted butter and drizzled over the top. It can also be sprinkled into boiling water to season shellfish as it cooks.

Bloody Mary and Vegetable Juice Flavoring

Enhance your Bloody Mary with a dash of celery salt.

Bartenders use celery salt to add flavor to Bloody Marys. Some mix the seasoning into the drink and others line it on the rim of the serving glass. The salt brings out the taste of the tomato juice in the drink, while the celery seed adds a hint of freshness. Celery salt is also used in seasoning homemade tomato or mixed vegetable juices. It can be sprinkled into canned or bottled vegetable juices to enhance taste.