Angled Haircuts for Medium Hair

By Maggie Hira

Medium hair refers to a hair length that falls between the chin and shoulders. It's neither very short nor very long. Angled haircuts are distinguished by their highly textured layers with sharp edges and are typically flattering to every type of face shape. Angled haircuts are also a great style for fine, thin hair because they create volume and body. If you are interested in getting an angled haircut for your medium hair, make sure the cut is done by a professional stylist; otherwise, it can end up looking choppy and uneven.

Angled Bob

An angled bob is a well-liked and popular angled haircut for medium hair. It flatters most face shapes, especially round and oval. It may not be as flattering for long and narrow face shapes because it draws attention to sharp angles and can make a long face look even longer. It is similar to a regular bob but instead of being the same length all around, it is shorter in the back and longer in the front. The front layers are angled to frame the face. The cut is further texturized, using a razor to soften the edges. This cut must be maintained by getting a trim every six-to-eight weeks.

Angled Shag

An angled shag is like a trendier version of the angled bob. It consists of many angled layers that frame the face. Unlike the angled bob, the layers occur throughout the head and not solely in the front. This cut was popularized by Jennifer Aniston's character on the hit series, "Friends," and was subsequently dubbed the "Rachel." This style is great for round and square-shaped faces as it softens features while also bringing out cheekbones. It's also successful at adding natural volume without the use of styling products.

Angled Bangs

Angled bangs on medium-length hair draw attention to the eyes and subdue a high forehead. The layered bangs are achieved using a razor to attain that wispy look. This is a great style for long and oblong face shapes because it succeeds in cutting face-length in half. Use pomade or styling mousse to separate the pieces and accentuate the angles. Angled bangs can be incorporated into any medium-length hairstyle to give it texture and personality. They're also perfect for women who want an angled cut, but don't want to sacrifice their entire head of hair to that style.