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From using lead-based and arsenic-laced cosmetics to bleeding themselves for a paler complexion, women have resorted to unhealthy and dangerous rituals in the name of beauty. As society considers long, dark and thick eyelashes particularly attractive, some women have gotten lash implants and are also apparently willing to dab solutions onto the eye area to get fluttery lashes. Revitalash is one of the popular eyelash enhancers sweeping the market. Be forewarned despite the devotees touting success stories--this lash conditioner has its share of side effects as well.


Revitalash is an eyelash conditioner that promises fuller, longer and thicker lashes within 3 to 10 weeks. It is applied once every day on the lash line using the brush packaged with the formula in the style of a liquid eyeliner. Regardless of how brittle, short, sparse or thin your eyelashes are prior to using the product, Revitalash guarantees results. Look for the seal of approval with the rotating Revitalash watermark to ensure that your purchase is authentic and not previously tampered with by an unauthorized reseller.


Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff developed Revitalash with a team of cosmetic chemists as a gift for his previously breast cancer-stricken wife, Gayle. As a result of her chemotherapy treatments, Gayle was left with fragile and breakable eyelashes that differed considerably from her once lush ones. After only a few weeks of using the eyelash conditioner, Gayle's lashes had grown noticeably, prompting friends and family to ask about her secret. It soon became apparent to the Brinkenhoffs that Revitalash could benefit many others. Fittingly, a portion of the proceeds from sales of the product is donated to nonprofit breast cancer research efforts. Revitalash is distributed by Athena Cosmetics.


While there are many testimonials in favor of Revitalash from women from all walks of life, including celebrities, complaints are also not unusual. On the official Revitalash website, consumers are warned that there have been reports of mild irritation on the skin at the base of the lashes, as well as discoloration on this area. The solution given is to either lessen the use of the product or to discontinue it and consult a physician. Some users claim that their formerly blue, green or hazel eyes have darkened to brown with the use of Revitalash, or that their lashes turned brittle and sparse once they stopped using the lash conditioner. If you are still curious about the product, at least apply it sparingly, and not if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, as it has not been tested for use within these conditions.


An early version of a product similar to Revitalash, Jan Marini Age Intervention Eyelash Conditioner, was pulled from shelves by the FDA in 2007 due to the presence of a form of glaucoma medicine called "bimatoprost." Although this same ingredient is responsible for the growth and improved condition of eyelashes, it can also cause eye discomfort, a burning sensation, blurred vision and swelling of the retina. Those afflicted with glaucoma who use a medication containing bimatoprost and are subjected to an additional dosage through the use of an eyelash enhancer with bimatoprost will find a decrease in the effectiveness of the medication. Following the FDA recall of the Jan Marini product, Athena Cosmetics voluntarily took Revitalash temporarily off the market, as it likewise contained bimatoprost. Even though both Revitalash and Age Intervention Eyelash Conditioner have removed bimatoprost from their list of ingredients and are once again available for purchase, this situation illustrates how you could seriously be putting your health at risk if you don't thoroughly educate yourself on the ingredients of any cosmetic item prior to use.


If you want longer and lusher lashes that don't require you to sacrifice your well-being, there are options available. For instance, new mascaras continue to be released to the public--each improved formulation creating lashes that are curlier, thicker and darker than what its predecessors were capable of. Battery-operated vibrating mascara wands are an innovation that can help you get your dream lashes as well by coating individual hairs thoroughly with clump-resistant mascara. If you want even more dramatic results, a variety of false eyelashes are at your disposal. You can choose your desired length and thickness from the numerous strip or individual lashes for sale at drugstores and beauty supply stores everywhere.

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