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It can be an exciting time of the year, for children and adults alike, when the fair finally rolls into town again. Along with the rides and games, every carnival brings in plenty of foods and candies to snack on. Although few would want a diet consisting only of carnival food, a sweet treat can be the perfect way to complement your night at the fair.


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Carnivals combine popular fast foods and cookout favorites to entice hungry visitors who want more than a small snack or a drink. Hot dogs, corn dogs, hamburgers and barbecue are common at carnivals, though the availability of each item depends on the size of the overall event. Carnivals may set up in an area with pre-existing buildings for temporary fast food-like restaurants, but if they are limited to small traveling buildings they may stick with easy-to-make items like hot dogs.

Although known for greasy and deep-fried treats, those looking for something a little lighter can try a plain hot dog or hamburger, or purchase a bag of popcorn or kettle corn to share with the family. Calorie-counters should avoid corn dogs and deep-friend foods, according to, which contain a high number of calories and fat, and often include a large amount of sodium.


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Carnivals cater to those with a sweet tooth. From cotton candy to candy apples, treats are everywhere. To avoid the risk of overeating on sugary items, carry only a small amount of cash with you and, before going in, choose a set number of treats you'll allow yourself to have. Explain your treat limits to children before entering the carnival to avoid tantrums later on. As points out, a carnival or fair is a special event and there's no harm in rewarding yourself with a tasty candy treat as long as you don't go overboard.


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Along with candies, desserts also sell well at carnivals. Funnel cakes top the list of one of the most commonly found foods. Snow cones are also available in a rainbow of colors and are usually quite a hit with kids. Carnivals tend to stock a range of deep-friend desserts. Everything from Oreos to Twinkies are available deep-fried and ready to eat. Deep-fried foods also rank high on the list of unhealthy food items due to the high fat content.