Woman adding colorful stripes to her cake

Dieting is hard enough on regular days, but special occasions such as your birthday make it even more challenging. The temptation to give in and enjoy birthday cake and ice cream can be overwhelming. Help your friend or loved one stay on their diet this year during their birthday with some creative ideas that support their commitment to making a healthy change.

Healthy Cake

While that title may seem like an oxymoron, the fact is that you can make a healthy birthday cake for a dieter. Sites such as Wholegraingourmet.com offer recipes for whole-wheat birthday cakes that have a flavor rivaling those of the unhealthy sort. If the dieter prefers pie, consider using a whole-wheat pastry crust and making the filling with raw sugar or even coconut sugar to lower the overall calories and glycemic index of the dessert.

For someone on a low calorie diet, you can make a fruit cake by stacking and arranging fruit to look like a cake and topping with a low-calorie whipped topping. Great stacking and arranging fruits including sliced kiwi, sliced strawberries and sliced apples. To create an anchoring for candles, peel and slice a kiwi in half and set it onto the plate flat side down. To add some extra beauty and a unique flavor to the cake, consider garnishing with some edible flowers such as organic roses, lavender, marigolds or hibiscus.


Grilled meat is leaner and can be more flavorful than fried meat. Instead of serving sugary and starchy party snacks, consider having a barbecue. Avoid fatty hamburgers and hot dogs and instead offer the guests grilled chicken or fish. For an added touch, boil some corn on the cob and prepare some cool and refreshing fruit salads. You can top off this delicious party with a fruit tart made with coconut sugar and berries.


Avoid the pressures and temptations of a birthday party by taking the family camping for a family birthday getaway. The dieter, if the outdoorsy type, will adore going on hikes, swims and nature walks. Your family can enjoy camp food and active days, all of which are very agreeable for those on a diet. With so much exercise and activity, you can even pack a special birthday treat for the big day such as a small cake for all to share or some crisped rice treats.

Intimate Celebration

Stress can make it much more difficult to stay on a diet. So instead of planning a crazy and often stressful group party, support your loved one's healthy lifestyle efforts by preparing an intimate birthday dinner for two. If you have children, put the kids to bed and eat after they’re asleep or get a babysitter and go out to dinner. Select a healthy but delicious dinner menu full of things that you normally don’t have time to cook. Best of all, end the evening with a little high-quality dark chocolate. It’s sweet, healthy and a fitting reward for someone on a diet.