A-Line Bob Hairstyles With Bangs

By Elton Dunn

Ever since the flapper era of the 1920s, bob haircuts have symbolized carefree attitudes and classic style. The a-line bob hairstyles with bangs can be a nice change from a long, layered haircut or a choice hairstyle for women who love hot rods and pinup style. Sometimes called a layered bob, the a-line bob features short hair cut at an angle or slant.

Asymmetrical Bangs

Getting an a-line bob with asymmetrical bangs is a good way to grow out bangs or to keep your forehead free from bangs. This haircut blends the wispy bangs of a gamine cut with the angles of an a-line bob. Asymmetrical bang cuts are long, designed to hang over one side of the face. These sweep to the side or split at the crown of the head, with the majority of bangs falling to one side of the face. The a-line bob can be long or short.

Straight Bangs

For a retro look, cut the bangs short across the front of the forehead. Keep the a-line bob short and tight around the face, with longer layers in the front falling around the jaw line and shorter layers in the back near the nape of the neck.

Long Bob

A longer a-line bob may fall near the shoulders. This cut maintains the spirit of the classic bob and the a-line shape. Layers near the back of the head may fall at the bottom of the neck. With a long bob, longer bangs work better to blend the layers around the face. Asymmetrical long bangs may reach the eyelids, ears or even the jaw.

Soft-edged Bob

While most a-line bob cuts tend to offer blunt, sharp angles, the soft-edged bob creates rounded layers that frame the face. Soft-edged bob cuts work well when the a-line falls from the front of the face to the back, with longer hair near the back and short bangs along the forehead. Soft-edged bob cuts look best if blown dry with the hair curled under.