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When you're slipping into a dress with a slim stomach, one of your main goals is to keep your midsection looking equally svelte and flat for a sleek appearance. Fortunately, a vast medley of tips and tricks for creating a super-slim waistline makes wearing a tight dress a cinch. Whether you have a naturally curvy tummy or if you're pulling on one seriously body-conscious dress that calls for some extra hidden help, you have the support you need for creating a streamlined appearance.

Purchase a dress with a slim stomach that flatters your figure; while most body types can get away with a wide variety of slim dresses, apple-shaped bodies need to pay closer attention to silhouette. If you have an apple-shaped body, choose dresses with the illusion of a slim waist by selecting a dress that follows the shape of your body with a pattern or color that darkens toward your midsection; avoid extremely tight dresses or those cinched at the waist.

Wear shapewear beneath your dress to create a flat, slimmer stomach for the appearance of a slim figure. Choose according to your shaping needs, such as shorts that offer tummy control or a full slip that offers full control from your chest down to the top portion of your legs. Select based on season, such as shapewear created to keep you cool during the summer. Choose fabrics and construction based on your dress, as well, like a slick slip from which a slinky dress can easily float away.

Wear control-top pantyhose or tights, if you're wearing a dress with a slim waist during the winter season and want both leg coverage and tummy control. Search through department and specialty stores thoroughly without assuming you're limited to black or nude; you have a wide variety of colors and options to choose from.

If your silhouette offers a slim waist, add a belt to your dress, which draws extra attention to your midsection. Apple-shaped bodies should avoid adding a belt or calling extra attention to the waist. Let your dress do all the work for a flattering effect.

Eat carefully the day before and the day of your occasion when you plan on wearing the dress. Maintain a flat stomach throughout the day by following simple guidelines. For example, avoid carbonated beverages and salty foods, which tend to cause bloat. Eat small meals, drink pure water and cut back on high-fat, fried foods for a slimmer feeling and appearance.


Err on the side of purchasing a dress that is too loose in certain areas, but avoid dresses that are too small. Bring your dress to a tailor to have the looser areas altered. Areas that are too tight can be difficult to alter, while taking in a dress is often a simple process.