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Yoga is a low-impact fitness activity that does not generally involve frequent or vigorous jostling of the breasts. Still, women who practice yoga may find themselves in poses where comfort and containment of the breasts become concerns. Sports bras do not need to be yoga-specific to cup and cover breasts that range in size from small to large. But bras you wear while practicing yoga may fit differently in the front, back and shoulders than bras worn for work, business or casual occasions.

Small breasts

Sports bras that stress compression work for women with small breasts. This style restricts breast movement by pressing the breasts against the chest wall. Women with small breasts have more options regarding how much back and shoulder support they require. Compression bras come in scoop and racer styles, for instance.

Medium breasts

Practicing yoga comfortably when your breasts are in the C and D cup range requires a bra that combines compression with encapsulation. It helps when the bra holds breasts close to the chest wall, and a bra that cups breasts individually adds support. Some women with medium-sized breasts may gain more comfort from a bra with underwire support.

Large breasts

Yoga bras that encapsulate large breasts to keep them from bouncing up and down, or swaying from side to side, are the best choice. Look for supportive bras with features such as separated cups; wide rib bands; zip-front closures; padded underwire support; and wide back and shoulder construction.


When choosing a bra for yoga, look for the details that can help ensure comfort and support. They include adjustable straps to help customize the fit; lining in the cups to prevent overexposure; and mesh panels in the back and sides to reduce weight. Choose fabrics with wicking properties, which move moisture away from your body as you sweat. This is essential if you practice hot yoga.