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Lotion helps control frizzy hair, just as it softens skin. In fact, hair is a type of skin. However, whereas you can slather lotion all over dry skin and expect good results, the same is not true when applying lotion to the hair. By learning about lotion types and application techniques, you can control frizz without leaving your hair in a greasy heap.

Hair is Skin

A form of skin, hair is made almost entirely of protein. It also contains carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulfur. Like the skin, hair is impacted by more than its chemical makeup; genetics and the environment also influence its qualities. Hair that is prone to frizz needs more moisture. Lotion can often do the trick.

Shea Butter

Virtually any lotion can help reduce frizz. However, shea butter works extremely well on dry hair. For centuries, people in Africa have used raw shea butter to reduce dandruff and to moisten the scalp and hair. Believed to be naturally anti-inflammatory, shea butter absorbs quickly into the scalp and does not clog your pores. These are important traits, since most of your hair's health depends on the follicles beneath the skin's surface. Healthier follicles can mean less frizz.

Baby Lotion

Parents have long lathered their babies' heads with baby lotion, because of the gentle softness it infuses on skin and hair. These benefits are not reserved to babies. Baby lotion can soften and moisten adult hair, too, making it less frizzy. The mild clean scent is an added bonus.

Application Techniques

Whole-head lotion treatments can help frizzy hair. Depending on your hair's length and thickness, rub a nickle- to quarter-size amount of lotion between your fingers and hands. Use your fingertips to apply to the scalp and smooth down to the tips with your fingers and palms. If your hair is especially coarse, use as a leave-in conditioner. Otherwise, rinse the lotion out. Once your hair is dry, use your fingertips to apply very small amounts of lotion wherever you need it, such as to frizzy flyaways or brittle tips.