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Hand lotion can be used as a cost-effective substitute or last-minute resort to provide your hair the smoothing power of a conditioner. The weight of hand lotion coupled with the moisturizing properties will help your hair retain its sleekness, similar to what typical hair conditioners might provide. Used incorrectly, however, hand lotion can leave your hair either too heavy or dried out. Follow these steps to use hand lotion as a conditioner with great results.

Check the label to ensure the hand lotion's ingredients are safe for your hair and will provide the similar effects of a conditioner.

Administer a pea-sized amount to work through dry hair, concentrating on the ends or frizzy pieces that need the most moisture. (Source: All You). Too much lotion can cause your hair to appear greasy, so use sparingly!


Certain hand lotions have non-fatty alcohols that can dry out hair and cause breakage (Source: Naturally Curly). Only use hand lotion containing water, glycerin and either cetearyl or cetyl alcohol (similar to what you might find in regular conditioner). (Source: CassandreBeccai).


If you're uncertain about whether a type of hand lotion is safe for your hair, ask your stylist before use.