Whether you’re drinking it to help clean out your digestive tract or bathing in it, sea salt can have many physiological and psychological benefits, says Dr. Jacques de Langre on RegenerativeNutrition.com. Supporters of sea salt therapy point to the fact that bathing in sea salt has been a common practice throughout history, and tout the fact that sea salt can help improve your body’s ability to heal. Talk to your doctor to find out whether sea salt can help treat your specific condition.

Sea Salt and Mental Health

Sea salt, especially unrefined sea salt, contains vitamins, minerals and other microorganisms that can release substances like helpful bacteria and chemicals that affect our hormonal balances to improve your overall quality of life, according to Health Benefits of Water. Because of this property, bathing in sea salt is thought to help improve your peace of mind, energy levels and ability to handle problems that arise. Other benefits to your psychological health include better confidence levels, more self control and better sleep.

Skin and Muscle Health

Because of the microorganisms often found in unrefined sea salt, bathing in sea salt can help improve your skin quality by increasing circulation and increasing the flow of nutrients to your skin, according to LifeEvents.org. Using sea salt to scrub your skin before applying lotion can help exfoliate your skin to help improve its glow and tighten and tone your skin, they say. This treatment also helps prepare your skin to receive lotions or massage oils. A sea salt bath can also help relax sore and tired muscles, stimulating the healing process.

Sea Salt Laxative

While bathing or rubbing your skin with a sea salt solution can help relax you and improve your skin, drinking a solution containing sea salt can help clean out your digestive tract, according to the Colon Cleansing and Constipation Resource Center. Using sea salt as a laxative can help treat breathing problems, correct mineral imbalances in your body and help remove toxins from your body by increasing your need to go to the bathroom. Mix 2 tsp. of salt with 1 qt of warm water and drink it on an empty stomach to stimulate a bowel movement, according to the website. You may also add the juice from a lime or lemon to make the solution more palatable, the website notes.