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What to Look For

Determine what you want out of your deodorant in order to find the best match. Many spray deodorants are formulated with fragrances but, if you have sensitive skin or are allergic to scents, you may want to look for a fragrance-free formula. A "deodorant" will only stop odor. If you'd like to control both odor and wetness, look for sprays that are labeled "deodorant/antiperspirant." These contain aluminum chlorohydrate, which helps dissolve sweat and leaves a thin coating to help stop it from forming. In "natural" deodorants, ingredients such as tea tree oil help kill the bacteria that cause odor.

Common Pitfalls

Check the ingredients. Some aerosol spray deodorants contain butane and isobutene as propellants, which may cause skin irritation in some people. The ingredients can also be very irritating if they get into your eyes.

Where to Buy

Spray deodorants are typically available at most major retailers such as drug and grocery stores. Both of these types of retailers offer a large selection of many different brands of aerosol spray deodorant. If you are looking for a designer fragrance deodorant, check department stores and beauty supply websites.


Aerosol spray deodorant is typically economical and cost-effective. Prices can range from $3 to $7, depending upon the size of the deodorant spray and brand. Certain designer perfumes, such as CK One from Calvin Klein, are also available in spray deodorant form and retail for approximately $20 to $27.

Comparison Shopping

Many deodorant/antiperspirant sprays are now available in clinical-strength formulas to help stop odor and wetness as well as a prescription product. Brands that carry clinical-strength deodorant/antiperspirant sprays include Arrid and Right Guard. Secret Original Aerosol deodorant/antiperspirant provides pH-balanced odor and wetness protection. For a natural deodorant spray, Weleda Wild Rose is rated as one of the best by The Daily Green.

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