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Secret Deodorant is one of the leading brands of underarm deodorant for women. The effectiveness of the product is a result of its unique blend of ingredients. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, Secret Deodorant carries no acute or chronic health effects. However, you should understand the product's ingredients before using to minimize the risk of any side effects or allergic reactions.


Pentadecalactone is a colorless ingredient added to Secret Deodorant in order to supply a pleasant odor. According to The Good Scents Company, Pentadecalactone has a fruity, sweet-smelling odor. In addition, the compound is not soluble in water, making it resistant against sweat.


Talc, also known as hydrous magnesium silicate, is a mineral used in many cosmetics for a variety of functions. According to the website Costmetics Info, talc has anti-caking properties and also improves the feel of products, which can reduce irritation on sensitive skin. The mineral also has a white color and is used to provide color to products. The site also notes that talc was a potential carcinogen, however, numerous studies since have indicated that it is safe.


Cyclomethicone is an ingredient included in Secret Deodorant to act as a base for other chemicals. As 3D Chem explains, the ingredient is commonly blended with fragrance oils to keep products together. Cyclomethicone is odorless but does leave a smooth feeling on the skin.

Behenyl Alcohol

Behenyl alcohol performs a number of functions in Secret Deodorant. According to the website Chemical Land 21, behenyl alcohol is a fatty alcohol that is used to thicken cosmetics products and improve their spreading tendencies. In addition, behenyl alcohol can improve skin smoothness and prevent dryness.