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Those prone to dry patchy skin or sensitivity that reacts to even the gentlest of facial cleansers can give cleansing lotion a try. Cleansing lotion, like foam and gel face washes, cleans the skin but is gentler, doesn’t strip away oils, and helps add and seal in moisture. If you tend to battle dry skin in the winter months, switching to a cleansing lotion may be the solution for you as well.

Pull hair back and away from your face. Wash hands and dampen your face with lukewarm water. Remove any eye makeup with oil-based remover and a cotton ball beforehand, if the cleansing lotion is not intended for use around the eyes. Some lotions are not, so read the label thoroughly.

Apply a dime-sized amount of lotion to your fingertips. Apply the lotion starting with the apples of your cheeks. Rub over your face in light strokes, working your way over the rest of your face. Add more lotion to fingertips as needed to get an even, light layer.

Run a clean washcloth under lukewarm water and wipe down your face, removing the lotion. Run the cloth under water and continue wiping your face as needed until all cleansing lotion is removed. Splash your face on all sides with water to ensure lotion is completely removed. Residue left behind can cause buildup and blemishes. Dry your face with gentle pats using a clean washcloth or towel.


If you notice a little excess oiliness, add a gentle toner to your routine. Find gentle, all-natural toners at beauty supply stores or health food stores. Ingredients such as witch hazel, rosewater and cucumber are both gentle and effective. Dab some on a cotton ball and wipe down your face after cleaning with lotion.


If you notice any redness, excessive dryness or rashes, discontinue use of the product.