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Whether it’s the middle of winter or the middle of summer, your face needs to stay moisturized. Moisturizing your face at night helps keep your face properly hydrated while also keeping your skin soft and youthful looking. However, while moisturizing your face overnight seems simple enough, you must apply the moisturizer properly to avoid ending up with a greasy pillowcase and dry skin.

Gently clean your skin thoroughly with a soft facial pad and face cleanser. Dampen the facial pad and moisten your face. Apply a small amount of facial cleanser to the pad. Wipe your face again. Splash cool water on your face to thoroughly remove the cleanser. Pat dry with a soft cloth.

Let your face rest for a few minutes before using moisturizer.

Cover your face with moisturizer according to how dry your face is. Dip a clean cosmetic sponge in your facial moisturizer. Lightly dab the sponge on your face. Do not rub the lotion in. Apply extra lotion to particularly dry areas.

Lightly touch your face before going to sleep. Wait until your lotion dries completely before sleeping. Once you fall asleep, you run the risk of turning on your side and accidentally wiping the lotion completely off. Most moisturizers are dry in fifteen minutes.


Gently pat petroleum jelly on your face in place of lotion. Petroleum jelly thoroughly moisturizes the skin. However, remember that petroleum does not absorb or dry like lotion does and may stain your pillowcase. Use an old pillowcase if you apply petroleum jelly.

Use a product containing Rhetinol for particularly dry areas. Rhetinol comes in serums and lotions.


Never roughly rub lotion on your face. Always gently apply lotions to your face.

Never sleep with makeup on your face.

Avoid using too much moisturizer. Applying too much moisturizer contributes to clogged pores.

Avoid irritating lotions or lotions that contain perfume or scents.