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A blackhead is caused by oil and dirt buildup that clogs the facial skin pores and shows up as a tiny dark spot on the face. Regularly washing your face and a good skin care regimen is the best blackhead defense. A range of cosmetic products are available to help you get rid of stubborn blackheads.


This blackhead removal product comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee and a promise you will see visible results within 24 hours of use. Acnexus contains 27 ingredients designed to work in tandem, including organic aloe vera gel, valerian root and Redmond clay. It cleanses, exfoliates, repairs and moisturizes while removing blackheads. Acnexus was an "Expert's Top Pick" on the Get Acne Treatments website. Acnexus retails for about $30.


Acnetecin is a blackhead removal pill lauded on the Blackheads Treatment website as the most effective acne product. Acneticin comes with a money-back guarantee and promises a clear complexion within 72 hours. The product comes in pill form and ingredients include green tea, witch hazel and alpha lipoic acid. The product is designed to detoxify and strengthen the skin while balancing the hormone producing glands of the body to prevent blackheads from forming. Anetecin retails for about $40.

Clean & Clear Blackhead Removal Scrub

The Clean & Clear Blackhead Removal Scrub is specially formulated with multi-action beads that gently exfoliate your skin's surface, washing away the dirt and oil that forms blackheads. Clean & Clear ingredients include salicylic acid and methyl lactate. Acne.org reviewers describe it as a good exfoliant that leaves skin smooth. It's available for about $10.


Pronexin comes with a money-back guarantee if you do not see a clear complexion in 72 hours. Pronexin is a facial scrub that includes organic aloe vera, tea tree oil and grapefruit seed extract. Use twice daily for 30 to 60 seconds. Pronexin, a "Consumer’s Top Pick" on the Blackheads Treatment website, costs about $30.

ClearPores Skin Cleansing System

This three-pronged skin care regimen to fight acne consists of an herbal supplement taken daily to battle acne from the root, a deep facial skin cleanser to wash away dirt and oil and a facial protection cream to keep your skin clear and prevent suture blackheads. This blackhead removal product is described by the Skin Products Review website as the best and safest product. The system is available for $53 to $60.

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