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Although Avon's Skin So Soft was originally a bath oil, many people have found it useful for other applications, including use as a household cleaner. Since its introduction, Avon has expanded the bath oil to an entire line that today includes insect repellent, body oil and deodorant.

Cosmetic Uses

While Avon today offers a variety of Skin So Soft products, it is the original bath oil that seems the most versatile. Among its additional uses are as a makeup remover and as a tanning oil. Be aware, though, that Skin So Soft offers no sunscreen protection. It does soothe sunburns. It also hydrates hands and softens cuticles.

Pet Uses

Skin So Soft can be sprayed on your dog to help heal his dry skin. It can make your dog's coat shiny, too. Skin So Soft can be used to keep fleas off your dog -- briefly -- after a flea bath. Simply dilute the Skin So Soft with water and rinse your dog with it after you've given him a bath with flea shampoo. Be sure to rinse the flea shampoo from your dog before applying the Skin So Soft solution.

Insect Repellant

Skin So Soft bath oil is sometimes used as an insect repellent for humans, although its effectiveness is questionable. University of Florida researches found that Skin So Soft repels mosquitoes for about 10 minutes.

Cleanser and Polisher

The original Skin So Soft can be used as an all-purpose polish for wood surfaces. It can be used in your car as a dashboard cleaner/polish and on any other interior hard surface. Skin So Soft can be used in the kitchen to dissolve grease and in the bathroom to dissolve soap scum. It also can clean paint from brushes, sponges and hands.

Other Uses

Other uses for the original Skin So Soft bath oil include spraying it on door or cabinet joints to lubricate them. It removes sticky residue left on skin from bandages and also glue residue on metal and plastic. Spray Skin So Soft on your car's headlights, and wipe away dirt and insects.