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Bath puffs, the netting balls with a spongy texture, are an essential tool for the bath and shower. They scrub away the dead skin cells that would otherwise sit on the top of the skin; this process is exfoliation and it leaves skin looking fresh and rejuvenated. You only need to use a little bit of soap with a bath puff to create a lot of foamy lather, which means that soap lasts longer when used with a puff. Unfortunately, bath puffs don't last forever so knowing how to make them by hand will help keep your own supply of bath puffs both cheap and plentiful.

Use a measuring tape to measure three pieces of nylon netting to 8 inches wide by 80 inches long. Use scissors to cut three rectangular strips of netting and stack the strips on top of each other.

Thread the needle with a 40-inch piece of cotton string.

Loosely stitch the string lengthwise through the middle of the strips of netting. The stitch doesn't need to be perfect but it should stay in a straight line. Hold the end of the string with one hand to keep it from slipping through the netting.

Remove the needle from the string once you have stitched through the netting.

Pull the two ends of the string taut and secure them with a double overhand knot. Use scissors to trim the loose ends of the string.

Pull the layers around the outside of the string and puff them up to create a sphere made of netting.