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The desire to increase breast size is common. However, with countless products, equipment and herbs on the market touting to provide breast enlargement, it’s hard to know what will work for you. Rather than look to these products, consider alternative methods. By eating the right foods and performing certain activities and exercises, you can help increase your cup size.

Eat Healthy Fat

Since breasts are comprised of fat tissue, you need fat to increase your breast size. However, be sure to consume healthy fat. Whereas healthy fat will distribute evenly across your body, unhealthy fat will not, causing lumpiness and uneven distribution in trouble spots such as your hips and stomach. For healthy fat intake, you need mono unsaturated fats, according to the Your Natural Wellness site. For foods with healthy fat, eat olives, avocados, linseeds, and sesame seeds. You can also eat the oil versions of these foods, such as olive oil, avocado oil and linseed oil, says the site. Herring is also a good source of healthy fat.

Eat Estrogen-Rich Foods

Hormone imbalance can be one of the reasons for smaller breasts, says the site. Too much testosterone in the female body can inhibit breast growth. Thus, eating certain estrogen-rich foods counterbalances the testosterone and can cause enlargement of breasts. For foods high in estrogen, try fruits such as apples, cherries, tomatoes, pomegranates and papaya. For vegetables, look to cucumbers, potatoes, carrots, yams and pumpkin. Soy products and dairy products are also sources of estrogen, as well as whole grains such as oats and brown rice. In addition, limiting your intake of carbohydrate-rich foods can decrease your testosterone levels, thereby reducing the inhibition of breast growth.

Massage Your Breasts

Massaging your breasts helps increase circulation in the breast and the release of breast-growth hormones. To start, apply massage oil to the breast with your hands using little pressure with your palms and fingertips. Next, wrap each hand around one breast, so that the whole hand is cupping the entirety of the breast. Keeping this hold, lightly massage the breasts in a circular pattern, says the site. Next, continue the circular massage around the areas of the breast near the armpit using your fingertips. Then, gently lift and apply pressure to both breasts in a repetitive, kneading fashion. Move your hands along the whole of the breast to ensure you have kneaded all areas.

Perform Breast-Enhancing Exercises

Exercises can help build the muscle behind the breast tissue, which, done regularly, can make your breasts appear larger. To build up these muscles, lie on your back against the floor, with a three-pound dumbbell in each hand. The weight of the dumbbell can vary depending on your needs. Next, stretch your arms completely out along the floor, keeping them at shoulder level. With elbows slightly bent, bring the arms up so that the weights touch and hold. Bring the arms back down, having them stretched out and at shoulder level. Repeat this exercise 15 times. Performing exercises such as these can help promote breast growth.