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Under eye puffiness, also referred as bags under the eyes, becomes more common as you age. Skin tissues weaken and sag, causing fluid to accumulate beneath the eyes and creating a swollen appearance. Allergies, eczema, smoking, water retention and sleeping face down can aggravate the condition, with heredity playing a role as well; some people are affected more than others. Although under eye puffiness is unsightly, it is usually a sign of nothing more serious than growing older. You don't have to take under eye puffiness lying down, however. You can minimize the appearance of bags -- and maybe even reduce them -- by using natural essential oils.

Add a drop of lavender oil and a drop of lemon oil to one teaspoon of distilled water and massage the solution under your eyes just before bedtime. Sleep with your head well supported by pillows.

Mix two drops of chamomile essential oil with two ounces of witch hazel and chill the solution well in the refrigerator. Dampen cotton balls and swab the mixture under your eyes. The coldness of the liquid helps to shrink tissues while the witch hazel has an astringent, tightening effect and the chamomile oil has anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Massage under your eyes with pure almond oil daily for two weeks. Almond oil has emollient properties that help your skin to balance water loss; it can also relieve irritation and inflammation.

Mix three drops of rosemary oil with a tablespoon of shea butter and massage under your eyes, using a circular motion with the pads of your fingertips. According to the The Healthier Life website, rosemary oil, which contains the anti-inflammatory agents ceffeic acid and rosemarinic acid, has rejuvenating effects and can act as a mild diuretic to reduce swelling. It also helps to strengthen capillaries and reduce inflammation.


Since lemon oil is a photo-toxic oil, you should not use it before going out in the sun.

Before using these treatments, apply a tiny amount to the inside of your elbow 24 hours before use to make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.