Removing mole by medical laser
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Birth marks are patches of hyper-pigmented skin that may look similar to a mole or have irregular borders. The marks frequently have a rough or goosebump-like texture and are present at birth or a few weeks after birth. Birth marks rarely become cancerous, but it is always best to have it check by a doctor to be sure. There are a few treatments recommended for lightening or removing birth marks, but most are take a few weeks or sessions to make a noticeable difference.

Try laser treatment. Based on the size, shape and depth of the birth mark, your dermatologist can ascertain whether you are a good candidate for laser surgery. This can be a costly procedure, especially if it is for cosmetic reasons only. Laser surgery may not remove the birth mark completely if it is large or deep. Some scarring could result from the treatment.

Choose a natural alternative. There are a few natural remedies for removing mole-like birth marks. While there is little scientific evidence that either of these remedies are effective, there is anecdotal evidence praising their efficacy. The acids present in apple cider vinegar are useful in removing birth marks, moles, age spots and warts. To remove a birth mark with apple cider vinegar, soak a cotton ball in the vinegar and place over top of the birth mark. Secure the cotton ball with a bandage and leave on overnight. In the morning, remove the cotton ball and repeat the process again with a freshly soaked cotton ball and new bandages. The skin of the birth mark should scab and peel away. Protect the skin around the birth mark with Vaseline or an oil such as almond or coconut oil.

Use lemon juice to lighten the skin of the birth mark. The acids in lemon juice have lightening properties. While the juice may not completely remove the birth mark, it could lighten the skin to make it less noticeable. To lighten the skin using lemon juice, squeeze the juice of a lemon and rub the juice on to the birth mark twice per day. You should notice a gradual lightening of the skin.