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Whether it causes interpersonal conflicts, marriage and family problems, outbursts at work or criminal activity and imprisonment, anger is a very powerful emotion that can get out of control. Being able to identify the warning signs of anger management problems in another person can help you determine how much you would like to invest in a relationship with this individual. Seeing these signs in yourself is the first step to learning how to control your anger.

Disproportionate Anger

One sign of anger management problems is when people react to certain circumstances with a great deal more anger than most other people would in similar situations. For example, a person who throws a wild tantrum after not being able to find his favorite cereal at the store might suffer from anger management problems. Disproportionate anger is more than the occasional bad mood or snappiness.

Intense Memory-Related Anger

Getting extremely angry about past events and incidents or people from far in your past can be a sign of anger management difficulties. The fact that events from someone’s past can continue to have a strong hold on him demonstrates that the person is having an exceedingly hard time letting go of his anger, which can signify that the person has deeper anger management issues.

Anger Without Cause

If you often feel angry without having a particular reason to feel this way, it can be a sign of anger management problems. Healthy anger, after all, is a natural response to an upsetting or irritating situation that occurs in your life.

Guarded Interactions

If you notice that people are often cautious and guarded when they interact with you, this could be a warning sign of anger management problems. Other people could be trying not to anger you by making every possible effort not to provoke or confront you. Having people who try to avoid or break off contact with you can be another sign that you have anger management issues and cause people to feel intimidated by you.

Being Confronted by Others

If other people have actually told you that you have trouble managing your anger well, it is a very clear warning sign that you have anger management difficulties and should get help. Particularly if several people give you this same feedback, it is a good idea to seek out the help of a therapist or psychologist for help with anger management.