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We've all been there. It's one of those days when the rain catches you without your umbrella, the elevator is out of order and you wind up late for your a.m. conference call, and your boss decides to pile a million extra tasks on your workload for the day. If "one of those days" turns into "every day," that stress only builds up — and if you don't find a way to control it, you might just pop.

If this is sounding like your life, don't give up on the thought of a stress-free life just yet. Some free and accessible media, such as TED Talk stress videos and stress relief music, can be easily found online. So next time you feel like punching a wall, take a deep breath, log onto YouTube and search for a stress-busting video that includes stress relief music or language to help you instantly reset your mind.

Once your mind is at ease, your body will follow by releasing tension, lowering your heart rate and allowing you to regain control. From TED Talks and stress relief music to calming meditations and ASMR, here are 28 free videos which will lower stress levels ASAP.

TED Talks for Stress Relief

How to Make Stress Your Friend: In this TED Talk stress relief video, psychologist Kelly McGonigal encourages people to reshape their viewpoint of stress, looking at it as a positive feeling rather than a negative one. With the right mindset and tools for altering perspective, as well as reaching out to others during stressful times, such stress might actually be a blessing in disguise.

All It Takes is 10 Mindful Minutes: This TED Talk stress video, led by mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe, teaches you how to reset your mind and detach from life's stresses and distractions (like social media and deadlines) in order to focus on the present moment.

Could the Sun Be Good For Your Heart?: Led by dermatologist Richard Weller, this video explains how there are more perks to being in the sun than getting some vitamin D, such as improving heart health and reducing stress levels. Once you're done listening, head outside to take in some rays!

How to Stay Calm When You Know You'll Be Stressed: Learn how to take a chill pill when you're about to blow up with this super handy TED Talk stress video, in which neuroscientist Daniel Levitin gives guidance for predicting future failures and how best to prepare yourself.

The Art of Stillness: Travel writer Pico Iyer suggests being perfectly still for a few moments when stressed. If you feel overwhelmed by life's demands (and we bet you do!), this TED Talk stress video is for you.

Be the Warrior, Not the Worrier: Much like Kelly McGonigal's thinking in the first video suggested, Angela Ceberano wants you to face your anxieties head-on and turn a setback into success. It's a great video on overcoming fear and stress and looking to spark change that inspires growth.

You Are Your Greatest Ally: This TED Talk stress video by Jessica Amos involves a guided meditation that will calm your mind and leave you feeling centered and refreshed. You won't be consumed with whatever obstacle was in your way prior to viewing, that's for sure.

Stress Relief Music

Meditation Relaxation Music: If you're feeling overwhelmed, imagine yourself at the spa, in the sauna or on a massage bed awaiting a service. This meditation station has provided three full hours worth of sounds that will transport you to that happy place instantly.

Good Vibes: Swap negativity for positivity and remove mental clutter with this stress relief music from Good Vibes. These beats are great for meditative practice, so find a quiet space and be still in the present moment.

Meditation Music: Here are 11 hours worth of soothing music related to nature, spa and massage. Flip through to find different sections if you only have a few minutes.

Soothing Relaxation: If you're stressed and your heart is pounding, listen to this soothing relaxation music and feel that sweat evaporate.

Meditation and Healing: This 30-minute video will take you from feeling drained and anxious to restored and invigorated in just a few minutes.

Yellow Brick Cinema: This stress relief video embodies the sounds and spirit of nature, which can help you feel "reborn" in a sense, removed from life's current pressures.

Body Mind Zone: These 6 hours of soothing music will steady your mind and help you refocus when you're feeling tense or out of control.

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Meditations for Stress Relief

The Honest Guys: This guided meditation includes the sounds of the ocean to help you channel your breath and fall into a rhythm.

Brain Sync: This guided meditation by Kelly Howell uses aspects of nature, like the sky and the waves, to free you from stresses of life and channel your energy more productively afterwards.

Michael Sealey: If your breath is all over the place (which can happen when dealing with anxiety!), listen to this meditation to seize control over your breath and stabilize it.

PowerThoughts Meditation Club: This video uses the power of words to leave you feeling empowered with a renewed sense of self-worth and desire for self-discovery.

Rebekah Borucki: If you're new to meditation and struggle with anxiety or panic attacks, this guided meditation will help you instantly feel more relaxed and be better able to regularly manage deep-rooted tension.

Nu Meditation Music: Use these binaural beats to steady your thoughts and breath for a meditation that can last up to 20 minutes.

The Meditation Manifesto: These relaxing sounds will help you fall into a meditative state with the sounds of a waterfall in the background.

ASMR Videos for Stress Relief

Gentle Whispering ASMR: This video uses whispering as a way to help you better manage stress. It involves relaxing elements, such as the moon and a candle.

Gibi ASMR: This video focuses on several triggers, such as finger fluttering, touching your face and brushing your ears. It's a great video for someone who is looking to explore the newfound world of ASMR.

Caroline ASMR: Get ready for 100+ triggers in just 18 minutes. It's a great way to instantly feel less stressed without taking up too much time.

Tingting ASMR: Tingling is a great way to reduce stress when you're short on time, so if you haven't yet figured out what areas work for you, this video will surely help!

ASMR Massage Psychetruth: Let the sounds of hair brushing and a scalp massage relax your body and mind and banish whatever stress has been weighing you down.

Olivia Kissper ASMR: A super creative video that's a little all over the place. There are tons of opportunities for ASMR tingles that will alleviate stress and detach you from your present problems.

FredsVoice ASMR: In this video, Fred uses fork tuning and a "double" of himself to grasp viewers' attention and help them re-channel their energy.

Whether you enjoy music, meditation, intellectual talks, or ASMR, there's something out there for you! These videos will reduce stress instantly and give you the right tools to better manage it when it arises throughout your day. Experiment with different genres and videos to see what works best for you.