Our moms, or mother figures, are our shoulders to cry on, ear to complain to and first call to celebrate. They're always there for us through thick and thin, prioritizing everyone but themselves. For this "one" day per year, it's her day, and it should be a day of self-care and pampering. We rounded up our top 10 products that will help her do just that. Take a look:

1. Organic To Green Liquid Coconut Oil Set

This coconut oil is much different from any others we've found. It's always a liquid, never solid, it absorbs quickly and does not clog pores. Coconut oil is a historical "all-in-one product" that can be used as a moisturizer, oil cleanser, massage oil, hair conditioner, shaving oil, detox bath, and more. We all know that busy moms need all-in-one products. Organic To Green's travel-sized set includes their Jasmine Ylang Ylang for hydration and antioxidants, Ginger for healing inflammation, Lemon for clarifying blemish-prone skin, Rose for anti-aging properties, and Vanilla Chamomile for sensitive, delicate skin. ($68, Organic To Green)

2. Biba Ultimate Body Care Set

It's no wonder why holistic esthetician Biba de Sousa's client list includes celebrities like Emily Blunt, Emma Roberts and Dree Hemingway; She has over 15 years experience in skincare, much of which has been spent focusing on a holistic approach to beauty. After working on made-to-order products for years, she launched her own line (including the newest Onerta Hand + Body Lotion!) after many requests from her high-profile client list. Her line is completely paraben, sulfate, petroleum, fragrance and formaldehyde-free, focusing on real ingredients that perform. Her Ultimate Body Care set includes Mandelic Scrub, Mandelic Meta Serum, Acne Face & Body Exfoliating Cleanser and Onerta Hand & Body Lotion. It's the perfect set to spoil mom and jump-start her on a natural full body skincare regime. ($160, Biba Los Angeles)

3. Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes

"Dessert for your skin" is what you'll see when you visit Harper + Ari's site, and for good reason. Green Juice, Tangerine, Blue Raspberry, Peach, Rosé and Lemon are just a few of the "flavor profiles" that are offered for their Exfoliating Sugar Cubes. Just one cube works for the whole body, you can use them in the shower or in the bath. It takes the whole experience of body exfoliating to another level, and let's be honest, how adorable is the packaging?!! ($24 each, Harper + Ari)

4. Sans[Ceuticals] Activator 7 Body + Hair + Face Oil

Speaking of all-in-one products, this multifunctional oil from Sans[Ceuticals] is rich in Vitamin A, Omega 3, 6 and 9 and Vitamin E, which all simultaneously stimulate skin repair, increase collagen production and more. Sans actually stands for Seasonal, Active, Natural and Sustainable, the line is specifically made to "heal, repair and regenerate." This is the perfect oil for the busy mom who has sensitive, reactive skin, especially great for eczema, dermatitis and rosacea. It's full of evening primrose oil, olive oil, squalane, baobab and more. ($43, Sans Ceuticals)

5. Beekeeper's Naturals Superfood Cacao Honey

Step up her honey game with this paleo-friendly, gluten-free and all-natural GAME CHANGING honey. It's part of Beekeeper Natural's line of hand-crafted 100% raw honey, and it's the ultimate addition to virtually any tea, coffee or smoothie concoction. A luxurious treat that is actually great for overall health and wellness, infused with organic Ecuadorean cacao for a chocolate-y twist. ($24.99, Beekeeper's Naturals)

6. Skylar Body Clean Candles

Skylar is known for beautiful, direct-to-consumer perfumes that are completely free of harmful chemicals, filled with the highest-quality natural ingredients sourced from around the world. The bergamot is from Italy, the jasmine from India and the rose from Morocco, to name a few. And now, Skylar just launched the first product in the home category: clean candles that match the signature perfume scents and the quality they are known for. Chemical free. Sustainable. High performance. This is a truly special brand and product that will turn your mom's personal oasis (maybe the kitchen? her room?) into a haven. ($38, Skylar Body)

7. Odacité Healthy Glow Beauty Package

A few childhood memories that I'll never forget are when my mom would drag me to department stores for her beauty haul, and getting to keep the samples from the beauty counter. Something we're all learning, now, with the rise of wellness, is the fact that ingredients MATTER. One brand that I needed to highlight is Odacité, it keeps the luxury and elegance of those products I remember my mom using, but completely changes the game with natural ingredients... that work. If you, too, have those memories of your mom and beauty, she will adore this Healthy Glow Beauty Duo, complete with Odacité's organic cleanser and day moisturizer with MSM and DMAE (hello, glow!). ($99, Odacité)

8. The Beauty Chef Skin Renewal Kit

Moving from topical beauty pampering to ingestibles, The Beauty Chef is the one-stop-shop for all things inner beauty. Adding a step of self-care in the form of smoothies or morning rituals can be so beneficial and calming. This set includes the Collagen Inner Beauty Boost (which tastes amazing simply in a glass of water) and Glow Inner Beauty Power (which is full of probiotics and great in smoothies). Taking care of yourself each day, in this way, is beneficial for so many reasons. Give mom the gift of inner beauty! ($100, The Beauty Chef)

9. APL Techloom Phantom Sneaker

If you haven't tried a pair of APL's yet, you're doing it wrong! These sneakers are #1 in comfort and in style at our office, you just can't go wrong. The words comfort and style are obviously key here, mom needs a pair of shoes she can wear all day that will support her and look cute enough for an #OOTD snap. We personally love this Light Lavender, but there are up to 25 color ways to choose from. ($165, Athletic Propulsion Labs)

10. Sun Potion Yin Power

Another ingestible product that we love is this Sun Potion Yin Power. Sun Potion notes, "this is our love note to all the powerful mothers, sisters, daughters, teachers and healers in our global community... a blend of organic and wild-harvested herbs we have crafted to nourish feminine energy and harmonize the whole system from the inside-out." They've actually partnered with the organization Women With Superpowers to help source the highest quality tonic herbs for the formula. It can help support immunity, creative energy, hormonal imbalance, mental clarity, stress relief, healthy circulation and more. Just a tsp of this per day could have mom feeling like she has more superpowers than she already does! ($115, Sun Potion)

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