You asked, we delivered — we're so excited to share the first-ever LEAFtv Kitchen Raid. First up is none other than our favorite, Sophie Jaffe: you've seen her morning routine, go-to HIIT workout and beauty cabinet... now it's time to raid her kitchen! Going to the supermarket with the goal of staying clean and healthy can be a little overwhelming. Which brands hold themselves to a high standard of ingredient sourcing? How can I use cashews or bee pollen in more than one way to justify the price?

Watch the episode below to get ALL the tips from this certified raw food chef, yogi, busy mom and super busy entrepreneur:

"I've searched high and wide, far and long, for the best high quality ingredients in pre-packaged foods so that my life is easier as a busy mom and entrepreneur, and we're also staying healthy," says Sophie.

The Fridge

  • Ginger & turmeric root, add-in's for stir fry's and smoothies
  • Hummus & spreads, with no preservatives added for high-nutrient snacks
  • Kombucha, teas & cold brews (by Chameleon)
  • Hard boiled eggs, ready to eat protein hit!
  • Fresh coconut, "the coconut flesh and coconut meat is really nutrient dense and nourishing," says Sophie
  • Avocado (1/2 avocado + green dream + sea salt!)
  • Sprouted granola by Elemental
  • Dates, great as a natural sweetener
  • Sprouted peas and red lentils, high protein and lower carb content
  • Bee pollen, super nutrient-dense to top on everything!
  • Vegan & whole milk yogurt
  • Broccoli
  • Daikon radish
  • Collard greens, for wraps
  • Siete almond flour tortilla wraps
  • Barlean's fish oil (peach mango flavor!)
  • Boochcraft, high alcoholic kombucha!

The Pantry

  • Siete tortilla chips
  • Banza chickpea pasta
  • Purely Elizabeth granola
  • Dried mulberries
  • Harvest snapea crisps
  • Simple Mills crackers
  • Coconut flour (perfect for Sophie's Paleo Green Dream Waffles!)
  • Raw cashews, great for milk and healthy baking
  • Canned coconut cream, for chia seed pudding and smoothie bases

The Cabinet

  • JEM Cashew Cardamom butter
  • Rusty's almond butter
  • Matchaful organic matcha
  • Collagen by Vital Proteins and HUM
  • Philosophie superfood powders, butters and honey's!
  • Care/of vitamin packs
  • Sun Potion adaptogens
  • Essential oils like golden echinacea and holy basil

Want more from Sophie? Watch us head into her beauty cabinet for a Total Beauty Haul right this way!