Most people can understand the need to want to do things themselves for fear that if they don’t, the tasks at hand won’t be done right or won’t meet their personal standard. But at the end of the day, if you want your business to grow and want to have the time you actually need to make effective decisions, then delegation should become your new best friend. This doesn’t mean you have to hand over everything you love, but take an afternoon to really work through the items in your day that fall into the categories below and start taking your schedule back!

1. Routine tasks

This applies to both personal and professional tasks. Things like cleaning your house. Sure, you make time to do the basics like dishes and laundry, but what about dusting and the bathrooms? You’ll take back so much time by investing in having someone come even just one or two times a month to take care of this for you.

Professionally, take those everyday tasks that have to happen like clockwork and pass them off to an assistant or junior employee. Chances are, the assistant is anxious to contribute more and ultimately is able to handle these tasks just as well as you.

2. Things that you’re bad at

We can’t be good at everything, right? Even if you start a business and have had to play the jack-of-all-trades role for years, once you reach a certain point, it’s time to hand off what you’re not excelling at. It will benefit your schedule and definitely benefit your business to have someone who specializes in that specific area doing whatever it is that needs done on a daily basis.

3. Teachable moments

When you’re bringing on new employees, sometimes it just seems more time consuming to teach them how to do things than to just do it yourself. The truth is, though, you’re going to have to pass it off eventually, so take the time to teach and answer questions. Think of the time spent as an investment for you, but also for your employees.

4. Tasks that keep you from growing your business

You probably have a separate to-do list of people you want to reach out to, and business development tasks that have been sitting on your desk gathering dust, or lost somewhere in your phone’s notes because you haven’t been able to get to it. Getting those things done is important! To make sure they happen, carve out time by delegating and grow that business!

5. The things you just hate to do

Probably the biggest benefit to starting your own business and growing it to the point where you can hire an assistant or employees is handing off the things you just really don’t like doing. Stop wasting time doing the things you know you hate (and probably aren’t doing the best at because of said hatred) so you have more time to focus on why you started your business in the first place!

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