By now, you're probably aware of the major anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric root. But, what you might not know is that when it's mixed with other herbs, spices and roots, it's much more bio-available to help your body digest it. Andrea Candee, MH, MSC, explains "The wonderful benefits of turmeric are not fully experienced until it is in combination with certain other botanicals because it is not an easily absorbed herb on its own."

We've shown you how to make golden milk at home, but we just discovered Further Food's Daily Turmeric Tonic and it's pretty much an office staple here at LEAFtv, now. It's one jar full of incredible organic ingredients such as turmeric, schisandra berry, boswellia, cardamom pods, cloves, cinnamon, black pepper and ginger. Andrea explains, "The addition of the adaptogenic and antioxidant herbs in Daily Turmeric Tonic enhances the anti-inflammatory and immune boosting benefits of turmeric as well as its absorption.”

Just one scoop with hot water, maybe some nut mylk and coconut butter or ghee, and you're good to go. I drank a lot of this on my recent cleanse in lieu of coffee, and it's one of my favorite night caps while binging Netflix. It's vegan, non-GMO, organic, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, paleo and keto-friendly.

In case you're wondering, here are some of the major health benefits of Daily Turmeric Tonic, besides the obvious, courtesy of Further Food:


Clinically proven anti-inflammatory, antioxidant herb that can help reduce joint pain, maintain healthy blood flow and prevent cancer.

Schisandra Berry

This is an adaptogenic herb that has been used in traditional Chinese Medicine for it's benefits of anti-aging, immune boosting, anti-inflammation, promoting mental clarity, improving mood, and may even protect against cancer and Alzheimer's.


This is also an adaptogenic herb, also called Frankincense, known for it's powerful anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing qualities. It speeds up healing of infections and is useful in treating autoimmune conditions.


Helps reduce inflammation and joint pain, improves digestion and circulation.


Used in Ayurvedic medicine as a remedy for inflammation, fighting infection and protecting against cancer.


Keeps your heart healthy, reduces inflammation, treats pain and is loaded with antioxidants.


Packed with antioxidants and helpful in naturally reducing inflammation and pain.

Black Pepper

This enhances the bioavailability of herbs, specifically turmeric.

Head right this way to check out Daily Turmeric Tonic, $18.95.