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Eastern medicine has secrets and approaches to health and beauty that the average American has yet to experience. Kesar -- the Hindi term for saffron -- and sweet almond oil have been used for centuries to improve skin and complexion. Almond oil makes a highly effective natural skin moisturizer while Indian and Ayurvedic medicine links saffron to lightening complexion. In fact, some pregnant women consume significant quantities of saffron to try to lighten their baby's skin color. Combining these two natural ingredients forms what Ayurvedic doctors consider a natural skin lightening moisturizer.

Purchase ready-made almond oil and saffron skin lotion. Numerous online international beauty products site have almond oil-saffron based lotions and creams, usually imported from India. Use as directed.

Buy your own natural sweet almond oil and saffron from a natural foods or grocery store if you want nothing but the two, pure ingredients. Both come in organic varieties if you're willing to shop a little harder and pay a little more.

Mix one teaspoon of finely ground saffron into a standard 4-ounce bottle of almond oil. If your saffron comes in whole pieces, then use a mortar and pestle to grind it to powder. Alternatively, spread it out on a large plate and grind it with the back of a tablespoon. Saffron is very soft and crumbles easily into powder. Increase the amount of saffron per bottle if you are aggressively trying to lighten your skin.

Wash your face or any area of skin you plan to moisturize before applying your saffron-almond oil mixture. Some even place a warm wash cloth on the face to soften the skin before treatment.

Apply the oil to the desired areas, massaging vigorously. As a guideline, 1 teaspoon of almond oil mixture is enough for your entire face. Legs and arms may require 2 teaspoons.

Allow your skin to fully absorb the oil. Do not wash or scrub after application.