I'm so excited to share a new Beauty Brief featuring an organic, Venice Beach-based skincare line: 10 Degrees Cooler. I always love finding quality brands that are close to home (as you know I'm right in Venice!) that keep the ingredients and the environment as top priority. Formulated by Andreea Farcas, whose mother was a biochemist and father was in entertainment, she sought out to build a clean and effective skincare line with sleek packaging and advanced formulations in mind. The line consists of 7 products with incredibly luxe packaging, where each product is numbered starting at 01 (the Luminous Face Oil) and ending at 07 (Reviving Eye Serum). Why "10 Degrees Cooler"? Because Venice, California is one of the cooler places in the world at all times, 10 degrees to be exact 😉. This line is literally full of super foods for your face. Scroll down to read more on their product line!

As mentioned, 10 Degrees Cooler uses only certified organic ingredients. It's true that our skin is an organ and our body absorbs much of which we put on it; and there are studies showing that the average woman uses up to 13 products with over 500 chemical additives in them every single day. 10 Degrees Cooler is breaking the mold for natural skincare by using the power of super foods and packing them into a sleek jar that will sit on your counter with the same "aesthetic standard" as your favorite creme. Truthfully, this stuff works.

Mask 05: Marine Algae Repairing Mask

This mask has a gorgeous green hue as a result of chlorella powder, aloe leaf powder, wheatgrass powder, kelp powder and barley powder. It's formulated to protect your skin from environmental aggressors (pollution) as a detox mechanism. The first time I used it, I fell in love with the process (you mix it with water, toner or yogurt) which made me feel like an alchemist. But the truly amazing outcome was that my skin was GLOWING. Legit... slightly pink but perfectly clear. I know that wheatgrass and all of those ingredients are great to take internally, but the effect that this mask has had on my complexion, especially living in polluted LA, is remarkable. ($60, 10degreescooler.com)

Mask 06: Royal Jelly & Enzymes Hydrating Mask

I have really oily skin so I generally reach for anything that says "detox" on it first. It took me a couple weeks to try this, simply because I was so into 05, but this mask pleasantly surprised me. It's full of royal jelly powder, which is great for anti-aging and collagen production, goji berry powder, which is great for inflammation, and bee pollen powder, which helps fight free radicals and provide antioxidant value. The site lists that this product is super high in ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbency Capacity), because of it's multiple antioxidant-rich ingredients. If there's anything I've learned from this Beauty Brief series, it's that antioxidants are the ~key~ to reducing pigmentation. I actually think this mask has helped soothe any acne and dark spots far more than the detox mask. I love them both, but this one is a tad more hydrating for my dry winter skin. ($60, 10degreescooler.com)

02: Cleansing Balm + Overnight Mask

OMG. Say hello to one of my new favorite products. First of all, this stuff smells incredible. It's a silky smooth texture full of passionfruit oil, papaya oil, buriti oil, moringa oil and more, with "notes of chocolate and orange." I've always been a little weary of face oils, but of course in the last year with the rise of high-quality lines (like this), I've come around. I absolutely love this as part one to my cleansing routine, it gets rid of all my makeup and the scent alone is magic. But what I really love, is using this as the overnight mask. I wake up in the morning with dewy, glowing skin, and I'm not just saying that. The ingredients aim to balance your natural sebum production (mine is overactive), plump dry skin (goodbye fine lines) and naturally exfoliate without any irritation. ($60, 10degreescooler.com)

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