If you're bored with the same old restaurant or #NetflixAndChill that has become your Saturday night, it might be time to switch it up. If you want to do something that’s more reflective of who you are as a couple and with a healthy kick, this is for you. After all, you’re still trying to keep those New Year’s resolutions in tact (right?!). Here are a few options that’ll keep you moving and feeling good, but still give you and your partner that special time together.

Couples yoga

Couples yoga seems to be blowing up and can be found at just about any studio this time of year. Most places offer a special class just for couples on or around Valentine’s Day for those that want to get centered together. There’s usually a pose or two that involve a quick kiss, so there’s no lack of romance here. (Ed's note: Acro-yoga is also an amazing way to spend time with your partner exploring comfort levels and having fun!)

Cooking together

During the usual work week it seems like couples are too busy to intentionally meet each other in the kitchen, maybe pour a glass of wine and cook something delicious together. So, for Feb 14th, we love the idea of making something neither person has ever tried and then having the experience of eating it together. Plus, sometimes a date at home is more romantic than heading to a crowded, loud restaurant.

Try a new workout

For the couple that really loves to sweat together, V-day is the perfect time to try something new. It doesn’t have to be on Valentine’s Day, but maybe the weekend after, you can find time to try out that kickboxing place you’ve both been talking about or go to a pool and see who can swim laps the fastest. It’ll make for fun conversation afterwards when you go grab brunch at your favorite little cafe.

Volunteer together

Some couples are very passionate about their pets. If this is you, take the time to give back together at the local shelter for Valentine’s Day this year. Even if animals aren’t your thing, I’m sure there’s a cause the both of you can agree on that you’d love to donate your time to. Maybe it’s painting houses for Habitat for Humanity, volunteering for the day at a local hospital or delivering food for Meals on Wheels. Either way, find a cause that tugs on your heart strings and do something that makes you feel good - together.

Spa day

Staycation, anyone?! There are so many hotels (especially in major cities like Los Angeles and New York) that offer wellness packages including facials, massages and a health-minded meal for a set price. Maybe even a jacuzzi. It's a fun way to venture out of your comfort zone, and, who doesn't want to be pampered for a day?! (Eds note: Two Bunch Palms in Palm Springs has the perfect set up for a couples retreat!)

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