Your morning sets the tone for the entire day, so it's important that it's full of things that make you feel good. If you haven't seen our YouTube series Wake Up With yet, we go into the homes of top leaders in the wellness space to get an inside look into their morning rituals. What have we learned? Healthful recipes, movement and meditation are a common trait amongst the wellness elite, as you may have guessed. But, there are so many more little tips and tricks that anyone can incorporate into their morning routine. Scroll through to learn more, and let us know which tip you're going to try incorporating into YOUR morning!

Elissa Goodman's "Blood Tonic Juice"

Celebrity nutritionist and cleanse expert, Elissa Goodman, swears by starting her day with a fully loaded green juice. The ingredients are nutritional powerhouses that have incredible detox properties. Together, it's a blood-cleaning force titled: The Blood Tonic. You'll need 1 bundle of celery, 1 small cucumber, 1 bunch of parsley, 1 bunch of dandelion greens, one inch of turmeric, one inch of ginger and one lemon. Plus, a juicer of course. But, if you don't have a juicer, you can use a really high-speed blender then soak the smoothie through a nut milk bag or cheese cloth, and save the remains for soup! Watch Elissa make it here and follow her on Instagram here.

Eric & Erin's A.M. Baths & Homemade Almond Milk

Eric & Erin Balfour, founders of the Venice-based athletic wear brand, Electric & Rose, are the epitome of #couplegoals. Eric swears by a morning bath (while Erin does her skincare routine), to warm up the muscles and get energized for the day, reading the news and listening to his favorite podcasts. Erin makes a regular batch of homemade almond milk because 1) it's easy AF, and 2) the health benefits are incredible, compared to the store-bought stuff. Watch the full episode here and follow Electric & Rose on Instagram here.

Kelsey Patel's Reiki & Breathing Exercises

Kelsey Patel is a celebrity reiki and empowerment coach, who definitely practices what she preaches. She starts her morning with Reiki Precepts and breath work, before even getting out of bed. "I never ever get out of bed, no matter where I am or where I'm traveling to, without first stopping and placing my hands on my heart," says Kelsey. If you wake up anxious a lot of the time, this might be a great integration for your routine too. You can incorporate a simple mantra such as, "Just for today I am Grateful," "Just for today I am Ease and Grace," "Just for today I am Loved," "Just for today I Am Willing To Receive," "Just for today I am Open." Watch the full episode here and follow Kelsey on Instagram here.

Mona Dan's Tongue Reading

Mona Dan is an acupuncturist and herbalist, and the founder of Vie Healing. She starts her day with a tongue reading, which you can learn more about here. "The tongue is the only external organ we have to let us really know what's going on internally," says Mona. "If you look at my tongue in the back, there's a little yellow which shows that there's heat in the body, that means I need to be really careful about choosing hydrating, cooling foods. You can see some cracks which means I'm a little dehydrated. It's also a little quivery, which shows the state of my muscles and organs, it shows I'm a little fatigued." Watch the full episode here and follow Mona on Instagram here.

Morgan DeBaun's Productivity Tips

As the CEO and co-founder of Blavity, a tech and media company that aims to be the voice for black millennials, and the CEO of 21Ninety, a female-focused brand sharing all things wellness, Morgan DeBaun knows a thing or two about productivity. "My energy and the space that I'm in reflect the vibes I want to put out into the world," says Morgan. An office surrounded by artwork from her community and even positive childhood sayings help her stay inspired throughout the day. Watch the full episode here and follow Morgan on Instagram here.

Sam Negrin's Skincare Routine

As a self-proclaimed skincare junkie, Sam Negrin, editor & executive producer for LEAFtv, has a serious A.M. beauty routine. Sam looks at this as her "me time," creating her own ~spa~ in the comfort of her teeny tiny Venice Beach bathroom. Even with an impressive beauty arsenal for any type of skincare woe, she believes that beauty starts from the inside-out, too. So, she not only starts her day with a mini spa and face massage, but with a super food coffee and serious supplement routine for boosted immunity, glowing skin and metabolism. Watch the full episode here and follow Sam on Instagram here.

Miki Ash's Meditation

Miki Ash is a yoga instructor and creative consultant based in Los Angeles, she is also an absolute GEM. We're attributing part of her beautiful personality to the fact that she's incredibly in-tune with her mind and body, through yoga and meditation. Her tips for starting a meditation practice? Find a comfortable spot, grab a timer, get comfy and close your eyes... without expectations. Watch the full episode here and follow Miki on Instagram here.

Branché Foston's Sensory Session (Sage & Aromatherapy!)

Branché is a producer for LEAFtv and widely known for her positivity, kindness and all-around inspiring attitude. She admits, it takes work. Self work. She starts every morning with sage and essential oils, to help cleanse the space and alleviate anxiety. She continues with a meditation and affirmation practice next to her alter, which anyone can create by mindfully placing things that are important to you in a special spot of your home. An affirmation can be anything that you want to introduce into your life. "I am abundant, I am strong, I am a queen," saying these powerful phrases to yourself ~will~ manifest them into your reality. Watch the full episode here and follow Branché on Instagram here.

Kelly LeVeque's Supplements & Fab4Smoothie

Kelly LeVeque is a holistic nutritionist, celebrity health coach, and author of the best-selling book Body Love. She has an intensive supplement routine that she takes on an empty stomach in the morning, but definitely consult with your doctor before taking any supplements on your own. In general, supplements (common ones like probiotic, omega-3 and vitamin D) can greatly improve your energy levels, skin, mood and more. Another staple in her A.M. routine? Her infamous Fab Four Smoothie! A breakfast loved by her clients and explained in her book, the smoothie formula includes 1) protein, 2) fat, 3) fiber and 4) greens. Watch her full episode here (recipe included!) and follow her on Instagram here.

Hannah Bronfman's "Coffee Not Coffee"

Hannah Bronfman is the founder of wellness site HBFIT, an international DJ and Adidas ambassador. Her work has her on-the-go most mornings, so you'd think coffee is a no-brainer, right? Wrong! She shared the recipe that keeps her energized and ready for anything with us, and it's got a (not so) secret ingredient: dandelion root! She mixes 2 teaspoons of dandy blend (available here) with superfoods and adaptogens like prebiotic powder, yin power by Sun Potion, MCT oil and hot water. Disclaimer: We tried it, and it was delicious. Maybe you can finally kick your coffee habit, after all. Watch the full episode here and follow Hannah on Instagram here.

Sophie Jaffe's Journaling

Sophie Jaffe is a seriously inspiring woman who does it all: raw food chef, founder of the super food company Philosophie, mama, yoga teacher, nutritionist, and more. With two (soon-to-be 3!) children, running a company and dealing with clients, one of her top tips in staying on-track and true to herself is by journaling. She recommends keeping a journal and pen by your bed so that you have no excuses, do it right before you go to sleep & re-read in the morning, or right when you wake up. Don't think too much about it. Just write! Watch the full episode here and follow Sophie on Instagram here.

Fourth & Heart's "Morning Goo"

Raquel Tavares is the founder of the ghee company that is taking the markets by storm, Fourth & Heart. She launched the brand with only a few flavors of ghee butter, and has now expanded into spray ghee, oil, on-the-go packets and chocolate ghee (zzzomg it's amazing). Since she's pretty much an expert in sustained energy (did we mention she wakes up at 6AM?), she shared her morning "goo" with us. In a small bowl, mix equal parts vanilla bean ghee, raw manuka honey and guarana, which is a root from Brazil with similar effects of green tea. Watch the full episode here and follow 4th & Heart on Instagram here.