When it comes to beauty, there are a plethora of suggestions, products, ingestibles, workouts and more that all promise a more "beautiful you." Of course, beauty is relative and feels different to everybody, but there are a few evergreen tips that ring true to every skin type, body type and lifestyle. With that, I had the pleasure of chatting with Jillian Wright, pioneer in the beauty space with over 15 years experience as an esthetician, co-founder of the Indie Beauty Expo and founder of Jillian Wright Skincare. With access to hundreds of the best and most innovative products on the market, her secret(s) to managing her beauty routine are pretty simple. And I'm listening, because her presence and skin truly glow ✨.

For once, these tips don't highlight specific products you should or shouldn't be using. Although of course, products can do wonders when it comes to your skin. But beauty starts within (am I right?) and these tips are a really raw look into how YOU can glow from the inside-out.

9 Of The Most Important Beauty Tips To Live By

  1. Get at least eight hours of quality sleep per night. 
  2. Try to live a well-balanced life, not restrictive and not over-indulgent.
  3. Make sure you get your daily dose of leafy greens.
  4. Stay out of the sun for long period of time, and wear sunscreen!
  5. Find your own routine for vitamins, what works for someone else may not work for you.
  6. Save your money and spend mindfully.
  7. But! Don't be too frugal, don't forget to treat yourself once in awhile (to something more meaningful than a designer handbag).
  8. Make sure your relationship isn't toxic.
  9. Try to be HAPPY—no one is going to do it for you!

If you're in LA, check out the Indie Beauty Expo in January, where Jillian & team are bringing together over 150 indie beauty brands from all over the world! Learn more here.