When it comes to nail art, we abide by the philosophy that less is more and easy is better. Not that we don't love the look of an intricate and artistic mani, but it definitely takes loads of ~time~ (and a steady hand) that a lot of us don't have. That being said, we applaud nail artists like Hang Nguyen (@flowidity108) who use nail beds as a canvas for serious art... just check her Instagram feed.

To keep it LEAFy, we teamed up with Hang to share a few nail art tutorials that even WE can do at home. First up: Halloween, of course! These DIY Spider Web nails only require a ball point pen. Literally, that's it. Watch the video below to see how it's done:

You'll need:

  • Base coat
  • .5 gel ball point pen
  • Top coat


  1. Make sure you're starting with clean, freshly filed and buffed nails
  2. Apply two base coats, wait until they're completely dry for the next step
  3. Using your ball point pen, add a few small dots around the curve of your nail
  4. Connect the dots horizontally first, then vertically, to create the look of a web
  5. Wait until completely dry then apply your top coat 

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