The space that you spend the most time in throughout the day is extremely important for your creativity, energy and overall mood. When your room, desk, car or living room have good vibes... so do you. Ever notice when you have constant clutter in your house, you feel like your life is falling apart? Or the second after you clean up, you feel a sense of ease? Your space ~really~ makes an impact.

We rounded up our top five tips on how to add some positive energy to any space you're in.

  1. Plants & flowers: Improve your airflow and are proven to also improve your mood
  2. Tchotchke tray: Organize your clutter (the stuff that can drive you crazy) by investing in a $30 table tray for your keys, change, remote, etc.
  3. Cozy details: Pillows are very important, and a pouf never hurt either (!)
  4. Mood lighting & aroma: Lighting is very important, avoid fluorescent lights and opt for something softer (especially at night) and candles are a must! (we love Le Labo Palo Santo 14)
  5. Meaningful items: Keep photos of your friends and family close, if you're not a photo person, display any other items that mean a lot to you!

Did we miss anything? Dish in the comments below!