Ever wonder why all of those "Instagram yogis" look so good and seem to perfectly align every #stopdropandyoga pose? Besides loads of practice and commitment, one of the biggest tools in helping build a well-aligned physical yoga practice (orrr any physical movement!) is actually using your phone.

Mirrors can be helpful to see what your body is doing in real-time, but they can also be distracting. When you prop your phone up against a wall, book or yoga block and take a video to watch afterwards, it's less distracting and gives you a moment to really see your body's behavior.

It's REALLY important not to let yourself caught up in the way you look or compare yourself to others. This is simply a tool to help you find safe, strong alignment. Don't understand why can't nail your handstand? Maybe your shoulders aren't over your wrists or your hips aren't over your shoulders, you'll be able to see that in the video (and watch our handstand tips here). Does your back hurt when you do squats? Maybe you aren't engaging your belly and your back is too arched. These are all things you can learn for yourself by just studying the body.

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