Anxiety is something that 99.99% of the population has felt at one time or another; it can be triggered by anything, anywhere you are. Luckily, there are practices such as yoga, special breathing techniques, meditation, journaling, music and more that can help us relieve anxious feelings and find comfort. Here, we're sharing 5 yoga poses that immediately decrease the onset of anxiety by releasing endorphins and promoting mind-body awareness. Watch the video above to learn more!

  1. Downward Facing Dog: This is an inversion that is a staple posture in yoga; stretch the back of the legs and find space in the shoulders as you start your practice.
  2. Headstand: This inversion reverses blood flow, increases circulation and promotes steady breath. Practice against a wall if you're new! Clasp the hands together and place the pinky sides of the hands down with the crown of your head nestled in front of the fingers. Keep your elbows shoulder-width as you lift your hips and walk your feet towards your forearms. Kick, hop, float up!
  3. Forward Fold: Calms the brain and relieves headaches. Simple fold over the legs with a long spine (not hunched over) and breathe. Grab your elbows for comfort!
  4. Tree Pose: Balancing helps promote awareness. Bring your foot above or below the knee (never on), continue lifting the hip of the standing leg and drawing the belly to spine.
  5. Assisted Bridge Pose: Stretch the neck, chest and spine while opening the heart. Place a block comfortably underneath your sacrum and walk your shoulders underneath your spine. Feet should be directly underneath knees.

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