Nail Swag Launches An At-Home Gel Manicure Kit

By Sam Negrin

We are over-the-moon excited for our friends at Nail Swag who recently launched the best at-home gel manicure kit on the market. Seriously. Take a look at the highlight reel below:

Natalie Minerva, founder of Nail Swag (who we have done multiple #nailart videos with! like this), is an award-winning celebrity nail artist who is finally helping us all achieve her coveted designs with the help of The Nail Swag Kit.

The kit includes everything you need for a long-lasting gel manicure along with art supplies you can use to get creative. The kit includes an exclusive Kotta Gel paint, which is a highly pigmented, odor-free formula with a buttery smooth feel. Each kit introduces new colors and innovations, the first theme?! Palm Sprung! Inspired by Palm Springs, of course. Here's what's inside:

Kotta Color Gels:

  • Sunset - the perfect summer red
  • Prickly Pear - a hotline bling pink
  • Saguaro - a teal from Hollywood's golden age
  • Aloe - a refreshing mint green
  • Cloud 9 - crisp, clean and softer than clouds
  • Mod Squad - black is the new black

Nail Art Innovations:

  • Stardust - a lustrous flake that makes nails look like jewelry
  • Mineral Foil - a silver metallic foil for chrome and cracked metal effects
  • Stickers - black, white, and gold straight line stickers that create build-able geometric designs

Nail Art Supplies:

  • 9W LED Lamp
  • Kotta Gel Base Gel
  • Kotta Gel Top Gel
  • Kotta Gel Brush
  • Kotta Gel Cleanup Brush
  • 100% Pure Acetone
  • 99% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Nail File
  • Buffer
  • Birchwood Stick
  • 100 Lint-Free Wipes
  • Three Placemats
  • Post Card from Natalie
  • Information Booklet
  • Collectible Gift Box and Sleeve

Literally ALL of that for just $120—but LEAFtv followers get an exclusive $99 offer via this link. You're welcome!

Congrats to Natalie and the whole Nail Swag crew!

Stay tuned for an Instagram giveaway, soon!

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