A meditation practice can be 10x harder, and more 'daunting', than a physical workout; even the hardest bootcamp. Meditation forces you to sit quietly, still, accept every thought that comes up, and really observe yourself.

But guess what? It doesn't need to be daunting! Think of your meditation schedule just like you do a massage, facial or beach day. Once you get the hang of it, it has the ability to be the most nourishing part of your daily life. It relaxes you, recreates the connection to yourself that often gets lost in the age of smart phones and social media, and teaches you how to deal with the stressors of life (mindfully).

In our recent #WakeUpWith episode (our new YouTube series, have ya heard?!!!) with yogi and artist @Mikiash, she teaches us her top tips on how to start meditating.

How To Start Meditating:

  1. Find A Comfortable Spot. On a floor, a pillow, in a chair, on your bed. Yes, you can lean against a wall.
  2. Grab A Timer. Only have 5 minutes to spare? That's ok! Work up to longer periods of time as you feel comfortable and grow. You can use your phone timer or even an app, we love 1GiantMind.
  3. Get Comfy & Close Your Eyes. Focus on your breath. Don't focus on trying to "not think about something." Let whatever come up, come up, and then let it go. Don't have any expectations! This is a lifelong practice.

Don't forget to watch Miki's full morning routine in our latest YouTube episode here!