Changing your lifestyle is a big decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you haven’t worked out or eaten many leafy green things in quite a while, putting thought into how you want to transition into your new routine is a smart move. We always recommend checking in with your doctor when making any big changes regarding your health, but if you’ve decided to make wellness your focus, here are six ways to help you ease into it.

Talk with a health professional

A great way to start your new health journey is by going into you doctor’s office for a wellness check. You can use that time to express any concerns and also ask for suggestions on how to get started. Be open and honest with your goals and your physician can help determine what the best path is for you. It might even be worth seeing an Eastern medicine doctor for another view!

Find support

Embarking on a wellness journey can prove difficult to do alone. It’s important to let your friends and family know what your new goals are so they can give you any extra support and encouragement you might need. Being able to talk about these things with those closest to you makes starting something new much easier.


Wellness is more than going to the gym and breaking a sweat every day—it’s about clarity and peace of mind as well. Meditation is a fantastic way to start exploring your health and clearing your mind so you can be the best version of yourself without rushing into anything too physically demanding that your body isn’t used to.

Research different forms of exercise

There are so many more ways to exercise than just running, so if you’re new to the wellness world make sure and check out local gyms or search online for all the different options. Think about activities you enjoyed as a child—swimming, hiking, karate—the list is endless, and have some fun while you’re getting healthy!

Set up a meal plan

Aside from mental and physical health, another massive part of wellness is food. Having a healthy relationship with food and learning to use it as a tool to fuel your body will be a big part of your journey. To ease into the transition, talking to a dietician or nutritionist can provide a lot of guidance and get you off to a great start.

Do what works for you

Wellness sometimes gets a bad rep because it can be linked to “woo woo” ideas, but choose what sounds good to you. Maybe it’s dry brushing and oil pulling. Maybe it’s meditation and yoga. Do you when it comes to wellness, especially at first!