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Though jewelry is often a symbol of love, friendship or commitment, lockets can be more special because of the fact that they have a compartment where you can place things of sentimental value. Lockets come in different types such as pendants, charms and bracelets, in silver, 18-karat gold and platinum.


A common item to put in a locket is a photo of a loved one that holds sentimental value. Whether it's a picture of a parent, spouse, child or good friend, a photo that has meaning can nestle in a pendant against your heart or fit inside a bracelet on your wrist. You can take existing photos and crop them to fit the size of the locket, or you can take new photos designed to be put in a locket. New photos should focus on the head and shoulders of the subjects, to make it easier to crop.


Inscribed messages are a permanent reminder of something profound, romantic or encouraging. Whether it's a famous quote, memorable saying or an original poem, the message is something that is heartfelt and reminds the wearer how you feel about them. Messages can also be humorous or incorporate a slogan such as "Semper Fi" for those who served in the military.


You can honor a deceased loved one by placing a curl of his hair into a locket and pairing it with a photo or an inscribed message. You can also take strands of a newborn's hair and place it in a locket to remind you of a child's birth. Specially made cremation lockets also allow you to put the ashes of a loved one into a compartment and seal them by tightening a screw. These types of lockets are usually water-resistant, but not always waterproof, and should be removed when swimming or taking a shower. Lockets that hold hair or ashes often have a transparent cover that lets you see what's inside without having to open the locket.

Quartz and Birthstones

Heart pendant lockets make great gifts for a loved one in your life, and placing a small quartz crystal or a person's birthstone in the pendant can be a nice addition. These types of inclusions are typically made in a locket with a filigree design, which allows you to see inside the pendant. They also feature hinges that open the two halves of the locket to reveal a quartz or birthstone hung on a small loop. One advantage of this kind of locket is that you can add more birthstones and quartz crystals over time because they are so small.