Hydrated lime (also referred to as high calcium lime) is a type of lime that is often used as an ingredient in various building products such as plasters and mortars. Lime is often seen as a method of killing pesky fleas that can appear on pets. Here is some information about whether hydrated lime will kill fleas.


Hydrated lime is often used as a general insect repellent. Many vegetable farmers will attest to their strength at repelling insects, including beetles, aphids, squash bugs and fleas. Based on experiments conducted in 1992, after the application of hydrated lime on crops (five to eight times weekly), it was shown that hydrated lime was useful at repelling insects from plants, but it also increased plant defoliation, thus reducing yields in the hydrated lime treatment. Also, the hydrated lime didn't work well in reducing aphids on the plants.


Normal lime (garden lime), as opposed to hydrated or dry lime, is a better option for killing fleas (and not harming your animal, while at it). Garden lime will suffocate both the fleas as well as their eggs. One of the most important things to remember when trying to rid your pet and house of fleas is that the environment should be controlled and maintained flea-free. This means that the pet's bedding should be regularly washed, and the pet should be kept away from dirt, if possible. Also, place flea bombs around your house. As for the use of lime, make sure you put some lime on dirt that your dog might step into. You should also sprinkle your carpeting and floors with lime.

Expert Insight

Even though hydrated lime might not be the best killer of fleas on your pets, it has other practical uses. In livestock farming, hydrated lime can be utilized as a disinfectant, and it also can create an alkaline, dry environment that does not encourage the growth of bacteria.


Make sure you use real lime, not hydrated or dry lime, when you sprinkle your house and your pet's areas. Also, one of the most important things to remember during this process is that you have to leave the lime sprinkles for over 2 weeks. This will ensure that the fleas and their eggs are completely dead.


Using lime will definitely help get rid of your flea problem, but it is best to combine the lime remedy with a flea bomb, which you can easily purchase at a pet supply store. One of the best and most effective flea bombs that are available on the market is the Zodiac Fleatrol Fogger. This fogger will end the flea's life cycle and eliminate further infestation in your house.