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A micro urinalysis is a medical diagnostic test that examines urine under a microscope. This test is used to assess the condition of the kidney and urinary tests. Some kidney diseases and urinary tract infections can be detected with a micro urinalysis. This test is not used for drug screening purposes.


The kidney produces urine as a means to eliminate certain types of waste from the body. Based on the pH levels of the urine, the amount of acid eliminated from the body can be determined. Urine is used by the kidney to regulate the pH levels and the electrolyte and fluid levels of the body.


A specimen of urine is necessary in order to perform a micro urinalysis. This is typically collected in a medical facility and then processed within a two hour time frame.

Special Test

The micro urinalysis is not typically performed in a urinalysis unless specifically requested or the chemical urinalysis renders positive results. In cases of ambiguity or suspected disease, the micro urinalysis may be useful for honing the diagnosis.

Drug Screening

The micro urinalysis is a medical test designed to ascertain the levels of certain important chemicals within the body and is not used for drug screening purposes. However, patients on medication or drugs should inform their medical provider when ordering the test as certain medications and drugs will affect the results of this test.

Blood Information

Certain critical factors regarding a person's blood can be measured using a micro urinalysis. The white and red blood cell count are typically reported with this test.