There are countless ways to use your favorite beauty products. You might not even realize the potential of that white eyeliner you threw in the back of your cabinet or your everyday contact solution - here, we're sharing our top 7 beauty hacks that have changed the game. Get the details below:

  1. Get a fuller pout: Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to your favorite lip gloss
  2. Turn glossy into matte: Apply concealer to your lips before gloss
  3. Make use of eyeliner: Apply white eyeliner to look more awake, and nude to look less hungover
  4. Eliminate clumps in mascara: Add a few drops of contact solution to the bottle
  5. Make your hair look thicker: Apply eyeshadow to your part
  6. Keep your hair in place: Saturate bobby pins with hairspray before you use them for extra hold
  7. Turn glossy nail polish matte: Add a tiny bit of cornstarch to your polish

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