Sunbeam-Oster Company manufactures many household appliances including a vaporizer. Vaporizers produce a steam to add moisture to a room, often when someone in your household is under the weather. Medicine specifically geared for use in a vaporizer is often added to the vaporizer so that it can be inhaled easily by the user. Vaporizers are often helpful for individuals with colds or sinus problems. It is important that the Sunbeam vaporizer is used according to the instructions to prevent any injury from the steam or heated water.

Position your Sunbeam vaporizer. Set the vaporizer on the floor of the room in which you wish to use it. Remove the vaporizing head by turning it to the left and lifting it up. Set it aside.

Fill the vaporizer with water. Take the water container over to a sink and fill it to place marked as a fill line. Be careful not to over fill the water container. Bring the filled water container into the room with vaporizer and set it back on the floor.

Put the vaporizer head back in to the water container. Turn it to the right to lock it into place.

Pour your medicine into the medicament well. The amount of medicine, as well as the type of medicine, should be determined by your physician.

Plug your power cord in to the nearest outlet. Sunbeam warns that the outlet must be a live 11 O-l 20 volt AC outlet. You also need to make sure the power cord is extended and that you are not using an extension cord.

Wait 10 minutes for the vaporizer to begin steaming. Turn the vaporizer off when you no longer see any steam is coming out of it. Depending on the model of Sunbeam vaporizer, running time averages between eight and 14 hours.


Do not put medicine directly into the water, unless specifically instructed to by your physician.

You can set your vaporizer on a tray on the floor if you are concerned about spilling any of the water or medicine on your floor.

Keep an eye on pets and children when using the vaporizer. The steam and heated water could cause burns.


Never fill the vaporizer while it is plugged in to your outlet.